Youth Board? Yes. Minister? No

Discussions about the merits of a Youth Board have continued today since Tom Wylie's suggestion in favour of the creation of one in his keynote speech earlier... In this video Dai Hudd from Prospect suggests that a board might be a good idea - but having it chaired by a Minister could cause problems...
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The Youth Summit 2007

Hi i am on work placement with a company called changemakers and its is going very well for me i am enjoying it there all full of respect and good people.
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U Gotta Read This

The workshop was absoulutley FAB!!! WELL......I Was Really Surprised At The Turnout In Our Workshop We Played A Really Fun Game @ The Begining Called Around The World Created By ME!!!! I Appreciate and respect All The People Who Contributed To Our Workshop, I Can Say We As Young People Care, Especially Me Thank You All..... And I Would Love A NAtional YOUTH BOARD NOW ♥ ♥ **LOTZA** ♥ ♥ Therryi ♥ ♥
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Tom Wylie on Youth Services and Participation

We caught up with Tom Wylie after his keynote earlier and here's what he said: His key points: We need an architecture or arrangements that will better engage young people in decision making at the local level. We need youthwork as a way of intervening with the young. Youthwork is a set of proccesses, a set of activites, as set of relationships which are about young peoples personal and social development
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Tick me off

Tick box which one do i fit into, don't i fit in all of them. I'm boxed in all your boxes and can't see the way out. You've labled me so much i can't even define myself. what would your form look like without enthnicty, sexuality, educational staus. Would your form just leave me as a indvidual or would i still be boxed in by your superfical reality!!!!!! We are all flesh and blood in the end. it's all about where you want to go and not where you have been.
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The Youth Summit 2007

Athe first session this morning there was a presentation and debate about the the New Children and the inclusion of "The Youth Service" as part of the provision. the concerns were about the identity of youth workers as a profession and young people as children.
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Strawberry cake and Ketchup

So the first session consisted of very very confusing conversation. Long words and endless powerpoints lead to me being cmpletely confused and distracted by the most dynamic blue ball point pen. One of my many souvenirs....But the best obviously. The second session was amazingly inspiring. I mean who would have thought?! a traveling "Rolling Base". Mental. Anyway I was very inspired and are now thinking about doing seomthing in my local area! Terrible how I am inspired by a bus. The food was good. Reeeaaallly good. The variety was major.
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Blue eyes, we are living the lives, independent rights, its how we thrive on the future of our lives. Volunteering aint what it seems, events will happen which will make your eyes gleem, joining in different events, it always make honest sense, experience, knowledge, educational, serious. different words to show the experience, young people always say how volunteering wastes their day, asking them no i dont feel that way, to joining youth aid. All of a sudden they join us, certificates equal plus, give you good times, rought times, enjoyable and nice times,
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Young People in the Media

A survey released today has shown just how much coverage of young people in the media is negative. I caught up with two of the NYA Team at the Youth Summit to get their views: Earlier on today I also got chance to talk to Leigh from Media Box to ask her to explain what media box is all about and how it can help challenge negative media portrayal of young people. Check out the full press release YOUNG PEOPLE 'SEEN BUT NOT HEARD' IN NATIONAL MEDIA 9 out of 10 stories on young people don't report what they say Less than 1 in 4 stories are positive about young people
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Read This

Ello, everybody how you are you i'm havin a really good time today, the hotel is really nice, wish u we're all here, the conference is much better then the "Youth Participation Conference" last week... Lets just say that 24% of the people present today are YOUNG PEOPLE a much better turn out than birmingham, well i will write another blog later.... AS the day has just begun and i'm still tired.... *Lotsa* ♥ Therryi ♥
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