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Key messages from the Youth Summit: Spotlight

The attached 'Spotlight' briefing outlines the key messages that came out of the Youth Summit 2007. You can find a detailed record of many of the workshops and presentations that took place at the Youth Summit by browsing the rest of this website.
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NYA calls for a ban on Mosquito devices

The National Youth Agency's spotlight briefing from the Youth Summit calls for Mosquito devices to be banned. Young people at the Youth Summit strongly condemned the use of the devices which emit a high pitch noise only audible to young people - and which are intended to drive young people away from congregating where the devices are installed. Participants at the Youth Summit spoke of the need for a campaign against the devices. Human Rights campaign group Liberty have expressed concern that the devices violate young people's Human Rights.
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Youth Summit Ten Commandments - from Bishop Roger

At the closing of the Youth Summit - Chair of the NYA, Bishop Roger Sainsbury set out his 'Ten Commandments' for those at the Youth Summit. We've managed to track down a copy of them here... YOUTH SUMMIT TEN COMMANDMENTS Do not demonize or use young people as scapegoats for the social ills of society. Do not be afraid of speaking out about the value of good youth work. Establish entitlement for all young people to good quality youth services.
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Youth Summit Live: Summary

The Youth Summit has been a great success for all those who attended, bringing together practitioners, policy makers and young people to discuss the key issues affecting the implementation of the Government’s ten-year strategy for children and young people. A wealth of ideas, debate and dialogue were generated, the most relevant of which have been captured as video interviews, podcasts, powerpoints and transcripts downloadable from this website. We will ensure it informs our work as we move forward and hope you find it valuable as well.
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Signing off for Tuesday... but we'll be back with a wrap up tomorrow (erm, Thursday...)

So, the final session of the conference is happening, and we're setting down the media centre. Over the last two days there have been 100s of visitors to Youth Summit Live - and over 80 different contributions to the site. Notes from all the workshops are here, as well as comments, video interviews and more - on topics from Mosquito devices, via the idea of a national Youth Board with a Ministerial chair, right through to evaluations of the food and the fun.
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Roving Reporters - Newsletter

The Roving Reporters were up till late last night creating an overnight newsletter to give a picture of the whole event. Get your copy here (PDF).
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Youth Access Launch new Counselling Resources

Tom Wylie, Chief Executive of the National Youth Agency, on behalf of Youth Access (its partner organisation) today launches at the Youth Summit two free national resources to support the commissioning of youth counselling services across the country. Caroline Flint, Minister for Public Health stopped by the Youth Access stand at the Summit just after the launch and had this to say: You can find the full press release from Youth Access attached below...
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Day 1 Wrap Up

What a day! The Youth Summit has been generating a wealth of information and dialogue and we've been trying to capture as much of it as possible here on http://live.youthsummit.co.uk You can see how quickly posts came into the site by taking a look at the Timeline. We've had blog posts from young people and adults at the event, reflecting on different parts of the event and inputting views. Plus check out the video interviews on YouTube reflecting some of the debates of the day.
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Facing the Dragons

Facing the dragons: what do you think?
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Youth Board? Yes. Minister? No

Discussions about the merits of a Youth Board have continued today since Tom Wylie's suggestion in favour of the creation of one in his keynote speech earlier... In this video Dai Hudd from Prospect suggests that a board might be a good idea - but having it chaired by a Minister could cause problems...
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