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Tom Wylie on Youth Services and Participation

We caught up with Tom Wylie after his keynote earlier and here's what he said: His key points: We need an architecture or arrangements that will better engage young people in decision making at the local level. We need youthwork as a way of intervening with the young. Youthwork is a set of proccesses, a set of activites, as set of relationships which are about young peoples personal and social development
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Young People in the Media

A survey released today has shown just how much coverage of young people in the media is negative. I caught up with two of the NYA Team at the Youth Summit to get their views: Earlier on today I also got chance to talk to Leigh from Media Box to ask her to explain what media box is all about and how it can help challenge negative media portrayal of young people. Check out the full press release YOUNG PEOPLE 'SEEN BUT NOT HEARD' IN NATIONAL MEDIA 9 out of 10 stories on young people don't report what they say Less than 1 in 4 stories are positive about young people
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Attitude Finder

Young people from Corby will soon be running a session at the Youth Summit later on this afternoon. They're going to be challenging their audience to think about issues such as Dispersal Orders, Anti-Social Behaviour, CCTV and more... I spoke to them a few minutes ago to get a bit of a preview...
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A youth board for England?

Tom Wylie, Chief Exec of the NYA is calling for a Youth Board to be set up chaired by a government minister. Young people now featued the call in this article last week. After his keynote Tom said "The issues and views of young people as young adults are lost in the focus on 'children's services' 0 - 19 years" So - we want to know what you think... Should there be a national Youth Board set up chaired by a senior government minister? Vote here and add your comments to the discussion...
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Summit is Go...

The Youth Summit has begun... Delegates have just had an introduction to the day with the video from Parmjit Dhanda MP's UK Tour setting the tone for the day. This is about listening to young people and improving services. Our roving reporters team have been out and about - and have already captured some people's expectations for the day. Keep checking back, as we're hoping to have a new poll online soon to see what you think of some of the issues raised in Tom Wylie's keynote speech due to take place shortly...
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Gearing Up...

Long journeys, bad traffic, crowded trains. But we've made it. In a basement of the Russell Hotel, 25 young people and adults have gathered to put the finishing touches to the Youth Summit. Over the next two days, this crack team, plus assorted others, will be leading workshops, providing expert input, listening to discussions, recording views, advocating, activating and generally making sure the Youth Summit is a high-impact event. It's going to be an exciting two days...
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A little background...

On Monday and Tuesday next week I'll be at the Youth Summit co-ordinating 'Youth Summit Live' - an online space for capturing input from the conference, and opening up the conference to a wider audience and range of inputs. The billing for the Youth Summit sets out a big challenge: The Youth Summit will herald the new era of service provision for young people with emerging priorities from the Government’s ten-year strategy for children and young people and the Comprehensive Spending Review. The event will explore the Government’s ‘youth offer’
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10 years too long?

The Youth Summit will herald the new era of service provision for young people with emerging priorities from the Government’s ten-year strategy for children and young people and the Comprehensive Spending Review. DK from MediaSnackers will be at the Youth Summit giving a keynote on digital media at the Youth Summit - but he has also thrown in some wider throughs about the event in this post on his blog about the justification of a 10 year strategy for youth. DK writes: I also believe that a 10 year strategy for young people is not credible.
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Welcome to the site

Watch the video for quick introduction to the site... Welcome to the Youth Summit Live website From here you can: Follow what happens at the Youth Summit Record your reflections and inputs into the summit if you are present Add your voice to the summit if you've not been able to make it Share and view a range of supporting information that can inform dialogue at the Youth Summit and beyond. For more information, find the Youth Summit Live team at the event, or call/text Tim on 07834 856 303.
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Youth Summit Live

I'm just putting the final touches to the Youth Summit Live website. Through this site you'll be able to see live reporting from the Youth Summit, and you'll be able to input your ideas, reflections and thoughts into the discussions - whether you can make it to the summit or not. Look out for more information on Friday about how it will work for you...
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