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Youth Summit Every Child Matters workshop summary

The five workshops involving young people and a range of policy makers and practitioners were a highlight of this two day event. Here is the report from the workshops, giving a rich amount of information
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Youth Summit Ten Commandments - from Bishop Roger

At the closing of the Youth Summit - Chair of the NYA, Bishop Roger Sainsbury set out his 'Ten Commandments' for those at the Youth Summit. We've managed to track down a copy of them here... YOUTH SUMMIT TEN COMMANDMENTS Do not demonize or use young people as scapegoats for the social ills of society. Do not be afraid of speaking out about the value of good youth work. Establish entitlement for all young people to good quality youth services.
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Participation Works

The Participation Works website has just been re-launched as a gateway to youth participation related resources online.

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Righting wrongs - the implications of adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Check out the Rights Stuff link where we have added presentations, briefings, a quiz and other resources for you on the Convention on the Rights of the Child  
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Youth Summit Live: Summary

The Youth Summit has been a great success for all those who attended, bringing together practitioners, policy makers and young people to discuss the key issues affecting the implementation of the Government’s ten-year strategy for children and young people. A wealth of ideas, debate and dialogue were generated, the most relevant of which have been captured as video interviews, podcasts, powerpoints and transcripts downloadable from this website. We will ensure it informs our work as we move forward and hope you find it valuable as well.
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Darshana's Spiritual Area 2

Dear Darshana Life may not always go as planned one day you might be happy and another sad. One day you laugh joke and be happy and the very next you cry sulk and go through severe pain. You see I have this friend she is one of my best friends we usto have the best time togetherPlaying laughing and making up jokes. After a year of being best friends she just suddenly changes and starts acting like a big bad bully I don't know what to do. You are my last hope please tell me how to deal with this situation. My advice
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Young People in Malawi - Africa!

The young people involved in supporting this project became involved by volunteering after they had attended courses themselves. They're from a broad range of backgrounds from different areas of the UK & Ireland. Our work in Africa has largely been about a different kind of challenge for the young people that volunteer with us to deliver our training. In the UK we work with many of the "most deprived" areas and often hear about where communities we work with 'rank' on the indices of deprivation etc. Our volunteers are from these same areas - so this is a separate challenge working with people in 'absolute poverty'. The average life expectancy in Malawi is just 36! It is by all measures one of the poorest countries in the world. And yet in the Zomba region we worked in two young men - Ernest & Giles are trying to make a difference. We're supporting them for at least the next 3 years because if people can make a difference in those circumstances they definitely can over here! In this film Ernest talks a little about the Grace Orphan & Disabled Care Group and their hopes for the future. You can read more about the programme on the YoMo website at - just click on the link on the front page. You can also send donations by sms text message by texting 'YOMO' to 82070 If you'd like more info please use the forum on the YoMo site.
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Life Life is not a fairy tale It does not always end happily Fear may rise in you And never find a way out So you must live life joyfully And enjoy what you have Whilst it lasts Because the last breathe you breathe is the breath of life in future To do this you must Search through your soul Have the strength to stand up tall The power of not knowing and letting go You must find a way to reach happiness and to do that You go through hard times and endure many tears At the end you will be free from all the bad things and live a new life The most important thing is
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Churchfields Soundwaves project

Pupils from Churchfield School have been interviewing attendees at the Youth Summit Conference describing their experience as “fun, exciting and amazing”. The pupils found interviewing the MPs a particularly special experience making them feel “like officials” as they questioned their understanding of the environment. The group learnt a lot from their experience finding it interesting to see different people’s understanding on the word ‘environment’. “I got to learn that different people understand things differently”.
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In the end...

Soo.. only the last session left then the day is done. Its gone kinda quick and has been really intense, but Ive enjoyed it loads! Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of the outcome of the event be put into practice.
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