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Participation Works- Supporting the Third Sector to Develop Participation Participation Works is a consortium of organizations committed to children and young people’s participation. We offer support to third sector organisations, enabling them to effectively involve children young people in the development, delivery and evaluation of services, which affect their lives. PWNE
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Feedback from day 2 working groups: Priorities for making a positive contribution

Policy (national and local):

Compulsion issue needs proper informed national debate
Need guidance for organisations that don’t yet involve young volunteers
Start with understanding volunteers’ contribution to inclusion / take social action approach
Recognise the importance of volunteering as a route to higher education


Progression and accreditation remain hot topics:
Qualifications and awards
Accreditation – OCN etc
Recognition = local and national certificates
Must get the progression right between non-formal and the formal – it’s two way
Role of supportive adults is critical
Opportunities for young people and parents (or other older people) to volunteer together.


Need comprehensive systems and structures that support young people / signpost to opportunities / challenge organisations
Need to secure longer term funding
Organisations are well up for the new challenges of increased accountability


Need focused effort to let young people know the benefits of volunteering
Need more celebrations that involve young people and parents
Need clearer support from government (not all departments seem onside)
Need more visible champions – government, industry, young people (peer to peer), educationalists
Need to raise the currency of volunteering with politicians
Volunteering works at a whole range of levels

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Youth Summit Live: Summary

The Youth Summit has been a great success for all those who attended, bringing together practitioners, policy makers and young people to discuss the key issues affecting the implementation of the Government’s ten-year strategy for children and young people. A wealth of ideas, debate and dialogue were generated, the most relevant of which have been captured as video interviews, podcasts, powerpoints and transcripts downloadable from this website. We will ensure it informs our work as we move forward and hope you find it valuable as well.
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Parmjit Dhanda MP's Speech

You can read Parmjit Dhanda's speech from the Youth Summit in full over on the DfES website...

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Young People in Malawi - Africa!

The young people involved in supporting this project became involved by volunteering after they had attended courses themselves. They're from a broad range of backgrounds from different areas of the UK & Ireland. Our work in Africa has largely been about a different kind of challenge for the young people that volunteer with us to deliver our training. In the UK we work with many of the "most deprived" areas and often hear about where communities we work with 'rank' on the indices of deprivation etc. Our volunteers are from these same areas - so this is a separate challenge working with people in 'absolute poverty'. The average life expectancy in Malawi is just 36! It is by all measures one of the poorest countries in the world. And yet in the Zomba region we worked in two young men - Ernest & Giles are trying to make a difference. We're supporting them for at least the next 3 years because if people can make a difference in those circumstances they definitely can over here! In this film Ernest talks a little about the Grace Orphan & Disabled Care Group and their hopes for the future. You can read more about the programme on the YoMo website at - just click on the link on the front page. You can also send donations by sms text message by texting 'YOMO' to 82070 If you'd like more info please use the forum on the YoMo site.
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Resources for Youth Participation

We're now taking orders for our free catalogue featuring our unique set of resources for youth participation and peer education. Order them online through the YoMo website at or email In October we'll be running a networking event for practitioners and young people involved in supporting young peoples participation, citizenship and peer education.
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Roving Reporters - Newsletter

The Roving Reporters were up till late last night creating an overnight newsletter to give a picture of the whole event. Get your copy here (PDF).
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Full notes from workshop 3... making a positive contribution

Workshop 3 –Making a positive
contribution: (44 participants plus presenters)



points from the input from young volunteers from Youth A.I.D. Lewisham (
Therri, Troy,
O’dean, Cerri, Shauna)


The importance of volunteering:


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Notes from the workshop.... (Making a positive contribution)

What needs to be changed or put in place?:

How to replicate the success of projects like YouthAID across London / England
How to change the image of volunteering to engage ‘hard to reach’ young people
How to let local and national government know more about these projects
Ensuring young people gain personally from volunteering (personal not financial)
Highlighting the benefits (skills, activities of interest to the individual, chance to meet people, certificates etc)
How to encourage young people to spread the message to others – they are the most convincing advocates
Recruit a friend campaign?
Talking to young people that are not volunteering about volunteers experiences!
Whether volunteering should become compulsory for young people as part of their personal development…
Understanding young people’s motivation for volunteering is critical – could compulsory elements be included or would this undermine involvement?
What should young people do after their education is finished at 16 – stay on? volunteer? Undertake National service?…
How to recognise and celebrate young people’s achievements in the community
How to challenge negative perceptions and change peoples’ views?
How do we get more young people volunteering - making voluntary opportunities more appealing so more young people will be interested
What support structures and resources are there out there? For young people / for organisations wanting to involve young people?
Where are the progression routes for young volunteers?

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Vox Pops after open space session

Steve Moore from Channel 4 led an open spaces session at today's Youth Summit - and afterwards DK captured some of the ideas that have come up...
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