Making a Positive Contribution

How to Participate?!

Genuine long term involvement by young people needs to begin with everyone involved sharing the same agenda.

Prospective is a practical activity resource designed to support groups of young people identify the opportunities for them to participate and make a contribution with consideration to the needs of the community and their own skills and qualities.

More information about Prospective is available from

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YoMo is a social enterprise that delivers training led by young people throughout the UK & Ireland. It also provides volunteer and training opportunities for young people in the UK, Ireland and in Africa.

Practitioners can access a range of unique resources available for order online or request a free copy of the latest catalogue.

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Tom Wylie on Youth Services and Participation

We caught up with Tom Wylie after his keynote earlier and here's what he said: His key points: We need an architecture or arrangements that will better engage young people in decision making at the local level. We need youthwork as a way of intervening with the young. Youthwork is a set of proccesses, a set of activites, as set of relationships which are about young peoples personal and social development
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Rolling Base

The Rolling Base project is a mobile youth centre set up because young people in the area had nothing to do. Rolling base has proved to be a cost effective way of providing activities - as it is easy to get to and safe and young people friendly.

You can view the presentation they made to the Youth Summit below...

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Young People in the Media

A survey released today has shown just how much coverage of young people in the media is negative. I caught up with two of the NYA Team at the Youth Summit to get their views: Earlier on today I also got chance to talk to Leigh from Media Box to ask her to explain what media box is all about and how it can help challenge negative media portrayal of young people. Check out the full press release YOUNG PEOPLE 'SEEN BUT NOT HEARD' IN NATIONAL MEDIA 9 out of 10 stories on young people don't report what they say Less than 1 in 4 stories are positive about young people
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A youth board for England?

Tom Wylie, Chief Exec of the NYA is calling for a Youth Board to be set up chaired by a government minister. Young people now featued the call in this article last week. After his keynote Tom said "The issues and views of young people as young adults are lost in the focus on 'children's services' 0 - 19 years" So - we want to know what you think... Should there be a national Youth Board set up chaired by a senior government minister? Vote here and add your comments to the discussion...
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What's Changed: Maypole

A group of young people ran a consultation, via questionnaires with other young people on their estate.
They found that people wanted more facilities for young people, inlcuding a multi purpose sports area, a skate park, seating and shelters.
They presented their findings to a group of local decision makers.
A multi use game arean enabling young people to play baskerball and football has been built. A new shelter and bench area has also been created.

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3D Dialogues - tour with Parmjit Dhanda

Over the last three weeks The National Youth Agency has co-ordinated three dialogues with DfES officials and Parmjit Dhanda MP (Minister for Children and Families) on the topic of the local offer - and how young people can influence and affect local offer provisions.

During the weeks of the dialogues Parmjit Dhanda also toured the UK visiting youth projects and talking to young people.

The video below gives a 5 minute snap-shot of that journey...

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