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NYA calls for a ban on Mosquito devices

The National Youth Agency's spotlight briefing from the Youth Summit calls for Mosquito devices to be banned. Young people at the Youth Summit strongly condemned the use of the devices which emit a high pitch noise only audible to young people - and which are intended to drive young people away from congregating where the devices are installed. Participants at the Youth Summit spoke of the need for a campaign against the devices. Human Rights campaign group Liberty have expressed concern that the devices violate young people's Human Rights.
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The humble hoodie

Just a few videos left from the Youth Summit to post. And I was reminded that there was still this one from NYA Chief Executive Tom Wylie to post when I read about the Respect campaign being run by YouthNet and the British Youth Council to promote positive rather than negative images of young people. 

The campaign currently has an Early Day Motion tabled in parliament  - which means you can encourage your MP to put their name to ending the unfairlty negative  coverage of young people in the media. See for more information.

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Youth Summit Live: Summary

The Youth Summit has been a great success for all those who attended, bringing together practitioners, policy makers and young people to discuss the key issues affecting the implementation of the Government’s ten-year strategy for children and young people. A wealth of ideas, debate and dialogue were generated, the most relevant of which have been captured as video interviews, podcasts, powerpoints and transcripts downloadable from this website. We will ensure it informs our work as we move forward and hope you find it valuable as well.
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Other issues on staying safe

Key issues on
staying safe: problem solving



Real information – documentaries

Role models in neighborhood – need to aspire to icons.
Positive rather than negative. Rappers.

Volunteering is not seen as cool, if well respected.

Young people become a volunteer

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Day 2 workshop - Staying Safe - priorities for action

Policy (national and local):

Use of extended school
Ask young people
Dispersion can cause isolation
18-21 doesn’t fit


Provide alternatives
PCSO’s – better training – young people providing input
Peer training
Cross boundary working
Balanced approach to ASB Prevention / enforcement


Higher amount spent on prevision
Make use of empty premises
Map existing projects to pool resources


Tackle press sensationalism – positive press
Positive (black) role models
Provide real information
Reduce fear of crime to reduce carrying weapons
Involve local community
Use new technology – txt/msn etc.

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Darshana's Spiritual Area

Dear Darshana, There is someone I know. Just think of the person as a big bully. The person was one of my best friends and now she has just changed. I need you to help me. I feel like there is no one but you that I could relate to. Please help me understand what is going on I need your help. My advice Talk to her and tell her how you feel and if that does not work start to take things seriously and talk to either your parents or tell your teacher and finally if that does'nt work tell the head or deputy head. And see what happens. Todays Spiritaul thought
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Roving Reporters - Newsletter

The Roving Reporters were up till late last night creating an overnight newsletter to give a picture of the whole event. Get your copy here (PDF).
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More on mosquitos

More on mosquito devices from a participant in yesterday's Staying Safe Workshop...
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Staying Safe Workshop - mosquitos, PCSOs and MPs

We spoke to the Staying Safe workshop team yesterday morning before their workshop and we caught up with them again in the afternoon afterwards. You can see what they had to say above..
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Vox Pops after open space session

Steve Moore from Channel 4 led an open spaces session at today's Youth Summit - and afterwards DK captured some of the ideas that have come up...
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