Youth Summit Ten Commandments - from Bishop Roger

At the closing of the Youth Summit - Chair of the NYA, Bishop Roger Sainsbury set out his 'Ten Commandments' for those at the Youth Summit. We've managed to track down a copy of them here...


  1. Do not demonize or use young people as scapegoats for the social ills of society.
  2. Do not be afraid of speaking out about the value of good youth work.
  3. Establish entitlement for all young people to good quality youth services.
  4. Involve young people in decision making at every level and give respect to their views.
  5. Campaign both locally and nationally for sustained and sufficent investment
    in services for young people.
  6. Create youth centres / hubs in each community with access in respect of
    transport, physical access , equality and diversity.
  7. Work together with other public services to encourage young people to
    choose health.
  8. Campaign for a defined programme of continuing professional development
    to increase the skills of all who work with young people and promote better multi-disciplinary working.
  9. Recognize the right of all young people to locally accessible, free , confidential and impartial information, advice, counselling and support.
  10. Encourage and enable young people to participate in buiding peaceful societies based on human rights, diversity and inclusion , in a spirit of respect , tolerance and mutual understanding.


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