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Youth Board? Yes. Minister? No

Discussions about the merits of a Youth Board have continued today since Tom Wylie's suggestion in favour of the creation of one in his keynote speech earlier... In this video Dai Hudd from Prospect suggests that a board might be a good idea - but having it chaired by a Minister could cause problems...
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U Gotta Read This

The workshop was absoulutley FAB!!! WELL......I Was Really Surprised At The Turnout In Our Workshop We Played A Really Fun Game @ The Begining Called Around The World Created By ME!!!! I Appreciate and respect All The People Who Contributed To Our Workshop, I Can Say We As Young People Care, Especially Me Thank You All..... And I Would Love A NAtional YOUTH BOARD NOW ♥ ♥ **LOTZA** ♥ ♥ Therryi ♥ ♥
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A youth board for England?

Tom Wylie, Chief Exec of the NYA is calling for a Youth Board to be set up chaired by a government minister. Young people now featued the call in this article last week. After his keynote Tom said "The issues and views of young people as young adults are lost in the focus on 'children's services' 0 - 19 years" So - we want to know what you think... Should there be a national Youth Board set up chaired by a senior government minister? Vote here and add your comments to the discussion...
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