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A Fun Time

My FInal Blog For Today I've Had A Really Good Time For The LaST 2 Days , Meetin new people and having such a GOOD Time, i've built new relationships with people whom i have never met, it has been an experience, talkking to adults who share a passion for volunteering and helping others just as much as i do... i am happy that u have had the opportunity to take part in such an event.../. I can say that it is seriously excel lent and that it has been an occassion which i can never forget Lotsa Love ♥ Therryi ♥ Over And Out
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U Gotta Read This

The workshop was absoulutley FAB!!! WELL......I Was Really Surprised At The Turnout In Our Workshop We Played A Really Fun Game @ The Begining Called Around The World Created By ME!!!! I Appreciate and respect All The People Who Contributed To Our Workshop, I Can Say We As Young People Care, Especially Me Thank You All..... And I Would Love A NAtional YOUTH BOARD NOW ♥ ♥ **LOTZA** ♥ ♥ Therryi ♥ ♥
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Read This

Ello, everybody how you are you i'm havin a really good time today, the hotel is really nice, wish u we're all here, the conference is much better then the "Youth Participation Conference" last week... Lets just say that 24% of the people present today are YOUNG PEOPLE a much better turn out than birmingham, well i will write another blog later.... AS the day has just begun and i'm still tired.... *Lotsa* ♥ Therryi ♥
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