Resources for Youth Participation

We're now taking orders for our free catalogue featuring our unique set of resources for youth participation and peer education. Order them online through the YoMo website at or email In October we'll be running a networking event for practitioners and young people involved in supporting young peoples participation, citizenship and peer education.
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Managing Projects

Outline is a practical activity that is easily adaptable. It is designed to support groups to develop an overall picture of the different aspects of managing a project with consideration to tasks, resources, time, people and cost factors.

Outline also features Personal Record Cards for participants that are designed to enable adults supporting young people to be able to recognise the potential for individual development available through their involvement in a project. This is particularly helpful for groups looking to include their achievements towards accredited learning programmes.

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How to Participate?!

Genuine long term involvement by young people needs to begin with everyone involved sharing the same agenda.

Prospective is a practical activity resource designed to support groups of young people identify the opportunities for them to participate and make a contribution with consideration to the needs of the community and their own skills and qualities.

More information about Prospective is available from

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YoMo is a social enterprise that delivers training led by young people throughout the UK & Ireland. It also provides volunteer and training opportunities for young people in the UK, Ireland and in Africa.

Practitioners can access a range of unique resources available for order online or request a free copy of the latest catalogue.

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