Day 1 Wrap Up

What a day!

The Youth Summit has been generating a wealth of information and dialogue and we've been trying to capture as much of it as possible here on

You can see how quickly posts came into the site by taking a look at the Timeline. We've had blog posts from young people and adults at the event, reflecting on different parts of the event and inputting views. Plus check out the video interviews on YouTube reflecting some of the debates of the day.

You can also view write ups from each of the workshops today (well, yesterday by now - but from day 1...) by clicking the 'Themes' at the top of the front page... or if you fancy exploring the input in a more interactive way - this 'tag cloud' will show you the frequency of particular phrases and words in the reports from each session. The size of a word in the tag cloud represents how many times it occurred in the workshop reports...

And if you're finding it a challenge to keep up with all the information being shared here on Youth Summit Live, look out for a summary of key issues from the Roving Reporters newsletter available in the morning at the Conference Centre and here online.

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Tag cloud

This a great tool! Straight to the point visually! It really helps to get a feeling of what is going on when you are not there - along with the short films and comments. Thanks!

Easy text-clouds

If you're looking for a really easy to use text-cloud - try