Economic wellbeing workshop notes...

What is young people's experience?:

Regeneration in our communities means luxury housing, not facilities for young people.
Missing 2010 poverty target - % needs increasing.
Rural – no H/E F/E entry level jobs locally
No transport. No affordable housing.

Where are we falling short for children and young people?:

Formal education is failing to meet needs of yp
Not providing affordable housing
Not equipping yp with skills to navigate the new labour market, or promote enterprise.

Why are we falling short?:

Need to recognise problems are embedded in structure of economy- wider than just children/ youth services ran address.
Government rhetoric and local reality do not match.

What needs to be changed or put in place?:

Create economic conditions that foster enterprise
Face reality of aging population
Allow yp to better access media- present reality!
Better targeting of regeneration money- section 106
Youth and children’s services- better equip yp with skills they need including enterprise and financial capability.

Key messages for tomorrow
Better local planning
Build enterprise and financial capability skills in yp.
Better access to media
Recognise the wider structural and economic factors are wider than cyp services can address- join up the policy
As a sector we need to be more honest in our dealings with Government.

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Media Box - getting started....realising your creativity

If you're 13 to 19 years old and live in England, Mediabox can give you the opportunity to develop and produce creative media projects for film, television, radio, online and multi media platforms.

Mediabox is for you to express your opinions, ideas and views, gain new skills and get your voices heard.

What's on offer?
Mediabox offers three different types of grants ranging from £100 to £80,000 to create and distribute youth-led media projects that express young people's ideas and/or views in a creative way, using their preferred media platform.

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Strawberry cake and Ketchup

So the first session consisted of very very confusing conversation. Long words and endless powerpoints lead to me being cmpletely confused and distracted by the most dynamic blue ball point pen. One of my many souvenirs....But the best obviously. The second session was amazingly inspiring. I mean who would have thought?! a traveling "Rolling Base". Mental. Anyway I was very inspired and are now thinking about doing seomthing in my local area! Terrible how I am inspired by a bus. The food was good. Reeeaaallly good. The variety was major.
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Young People in the Media

A survey released today has shown just how much coverage of young people in the media is negative. I caught up with two of the NYA Team at the Youth Summit to get their views: Earlier on today I also got chance to talk to Leigh from Media Box to ask her to explain what media box is all about and how it can help challenge negative media portrayal of young people. Check out the full press release YOUNG PEOPLE 'SEEN BUT NOT HEARD' IN NATIONAL MEDIA 9 out of 10 stories on young people don't report what they say Less than 1 in 4 stories are positive about young people
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