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My view on Gangs....

After going to the session on gangs yesturday I just can't help but think... we are always going to have gang culture... I personally blame the media for letting gang culture get out of hand. Gangs are all about "status" Iif one gang hears about another being more violent or whatever they will compete... Its in human nature to. This just makes other gangs copy and maybe even make the crime worse. If the culture was not published so muhc maybe gang violence would calm down abit? I'm not sure...
Added by Hormonal Haircuts at 06/27/2007 - 10:25

Strawberry cake and Ketchup

So the first session consisted of very very confusing conversation. Long words and endless powerpoints lead to me being cmpletely confused and distracted by the most dynamic blue ball point pen. One of my many souvenirs....But the best obviously. The second session was amazingly inspiring. I mean who would have thought?! a traveling "Rolling Base". Mental. Anyway I was very inspired and are now thinking about doing seomthing in my local area! Terrible how I am inspired by a bus. The food was good. Reeeaaallly good. The variety was major.
Added by Hormonal Haircuts at 06/25/2007 - 12:39
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