Young people's notes from Health workshop - day 1

Where are we falling short for children and young people?:

GP. Housing etc: Need to phone in the morning to get an appointment. No flexibility – not able to get an appointment for the following day.
Tricky to access GP without parent/guardian being there

What needs to be changed or put in place?:

Better communication between all young people
Healthy food shop for young people (affordable)
Too many off-licenses in poor neighborhoods
Creating health services for young people locally.

Key messages for tomorrow
We need better communication – media etc.
More control commercially – food shops etc.
Flexibility of GP services
Creating health services for young people locally

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Added by tim at 06/25/2007 - 22:39

Strawberry cake and Ketchup

So the first session consisted of very very confusing conversation. Long words and endless powerpoints lead to me being cmpletely confused and distracted by the most dynamic blue ball point pen. One of my many souvenirs....But the best obviously. The second session was amazingly inspiring. I mean who would have thought?! a traveling "Rolling Base". Mental. Anyway I was very inspired and are now thinking about doing seomthing in my local area! Terrible how I am inspired by a bus. The food was good. Reeeaaallly good. The variety was major.
Added by Hormonal Haircuts at 06/25/2007 - 12:39
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