Feedback from day 2 working groups: Priorities for making a positive contribution

Policy (national and local):

Compulsion issue needs proper informed national debate
Need guidance for organisations that don’t yet involve young volunteers
Start with understanding volunteers’ contribution to inclusion / take social action approach
Recognise the importance of volunteering as a route to higher education


Progression and accreditation remain hot topics:
Qualifications and awards
Accreditation – OCN etc
Recognition = local and national certificates
Must get the progression right between non-formal and the formal – it’s two way
Role of supportive adults is critical
Opportunities for young people and parents (or other older people) to volunteer together.


Need comprehensive systems and structures that support young people / signpost to opportunities / challenge organisations
Need to secure longer term funding
Organisations are well up for the new challenges of increased accountability


Need focused effort to let young people know the benefits of volunteering
Need more celebrations that involve young people and parents
Need clearer support from government (not all departments seem onside)
Need more visible champions – government, industry, young people (peer to peer), educationalists
Need to raise the currency of volunteering with politicians
Volunteering works at a whole range of levels

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