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3D Dialogues - tour with Parmjit Dhanda

Over the last three weeks The National Youth Agency has co-ordinated three dialogues with DfES officials and Parmjit Dhanda MP (Minister for Children and Families) on the topic of the local offer - and how young people can influence and affect local offer provisions.

During the weeks of the dialogues Parmjit Dhanda also toured the UK visiting youth projects and talking to young people.

The video below gives a 5 minute snap-shot of that journey...

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Welcome to the site

Watch the video for quick introduction to the site... Welcome to the Youth Summit Live website From here you can: Follow what happens at the Youth Summit Record your reflections and inputs into the summit if you are present Add your voice to the summit if you've not been able to make it Share and view a range of supporting information that can inform dialogue at the Youth Summit and beyond. For more information, find the Youth Summit Live team at the event, or call/text Tim on 07834 856 303.
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