Facing the Dragons


Facing the dragons: what do you think?

Telford, Tower Hamlets and Suffolk were the three councils presenting their cases to the dragons, each bidding to be chosen as the 'council for the youth' at today's Youth Summit. Each council described the various opportunities they offer to young people, ranging from health care to sports. After a gruelling series of questions from the three dragons, the audience was asked to vote on which council they thought was the most accommodating for young people, using a new democratic process involving a "hands up and scream" system where the winner was based on who had the "loudest" support. After two voting round, it was decided by an undisputable majority that Tower hamlets were the winner, crowned as the best council for young people. However - we want to know what you think...

The key points from each council are available below, and you can vote for who you think should have won here...

Activities for children and young people to do
Street sport and leisure centres
Art and Culture - concerts, gigs, arts team, theatre, culture zone
Celebrate success of young citizens - certificates
Young peoples voices are heard - school council and councillor training
Children and young people are at the heart of decision making

Young peoples voices are heard
Youth council working on funds
Activities to do - Go Ape (adventure scheme), Museums, Ridding centres
Best crime rates (20 & under, well below average)
Volunteering opportunities

Tower Hamlets
Best Funded services
Developed with and for young people
Four mobile vehicles to go to area that don't have youth clubs
At least two hours per week of constructive activities (learn knowledge and skills), sporting activities and art activities
850 new projects being developed there
2012 Olympics going on in area
A youth club within every mile

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