The Youth Summit 2007

Athe first session this morning there was a presentation and debate about the the New Children and the inclusion of "The Youth Service" as part of the provision. the concerns were about the identity of youth workers as a profession and young people as children.

I must say i have symphaty with the view that the youth service needs its own identity. The reseon being the youth services is about young people learning, personal development and education. The profesional culture now adays give more priority to preventional and protectional services that positive and active younth activities. I do not think the public accepth that a LEA education services being lead by a professional social worker. Grouping teanagers with under 5 and social workers running education and youth service gives out the wrong signals parents and young adults, some of whom are parents.themselves.

i think we need the be more positive about young people and this must be reflected in the structure and culture of management.

Cllr. Aubyn Graham

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