The Youth Summit 2007

Hi i am on work placement with a company called changemakers and its is going very well for me i am enjoying it there all full of respect and good people.
Well basacaliy i am just typing up a blog for young people and want to show the goverment that what happen in today world. Youngastas like out there on the street are just in to crime and stuff. The people out there are getting into trouble with the police for no reason example a young people is wearing a hooded top and people around him are thinking omg he is A CRIMINAL!!!! what is the young people gonna think cause he is just wereing a hoody it lyk being stupid then the young people is gonna think DAM these people are thinking i am bad stereo type.!!!

And in the future if u do have criminal conviction over sumthink that u have not done and the court found you guilty that not fair (Why) Because 1st he aint done nuffink and he is getting in to trouble for no reason?
And when you are goin for a job interview u got to be honest what ever they ask you nuffink personal that u dont want just say to them straight but in fact if u do have a criminal record then you tell them no matter if u have done nuffink or did do.

Added by golden at 06/25/2007 - 15:23