My view on Gangs....

After going to the session on gangs yesturday I just can't help but think... we are always going to have gang culture... I personally blame the media for letting gang culture get out of hand. Gangs are all about "status" Iif one gang hears about another being more violent or whatever they will compete... Its in human nature to. This just makes other gangs copy and maybe even make the crime worse. If the culture was not published so muhc maybe gang violence would calm down abit? I'm not sure...
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can anyone tell me ...

... what that myspace address was? I was in the media zone and advised to visit a myspace site. but I can't remember what it was. anyone help? if so, leave a comment? THANKS (y) from martha x♥o.
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Resources for Youth Participation

We're now taking orders for our free catalogue featuring our unique set of resources for youth participation and peer education. Order them online through the YoMo website at or email In October we'll be running a networking event for practitioners and young people involved in supporting young peoples participation, citizenship and peer education.
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Life Life is not a fairy tale It does not always end happily Fear may rise in you And never find a way out So you must live life joyfully And enjoy what you have Whilst it lasts Because the last breathe you breathe is the breath of life in future To do this you must Search through your soul Have the strength to stand up tall The power of not knowing and letting go You must find a way to reach happiness and to do that You go through hard times and endure many tears At the end you will be free from all the bad things and live a new life The most important thing is
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Anthony's tests for good housing for young people

At one of the last sessions of the Youth Summit, young people questioned experts on housing and homelessness, mental health anf youth employment. Cerri and Therryi from Lewisham asked powerful questions about stress, support, accessible housing and jobs for young people. Therryi asked Anthony Lawton, Chief Executive of Centerpoint about comfortable accommodation. Anthony's three tests should be taken up nationaly: Would this housing or accommodation be good enough for my child? Is this place as comfortable as I would want for my child? Is it good value for money?
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Signing off for Tuesday... but we'll be back with a wrap up tomorrow (erm, Thursday...)

So, the final session of the conference is happening, and we're setting down the media centre. Over the last two days there have been 100s of visitors to Youth Summit Live - and over 80 different contributions to the site. Notes from all the workshops are here, as well as comments, video interviews and more - on topics from Mosquito devices, via the idea of a national Youth Board with a Ministerial chair, right through to evaluations of the food and the fun.
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Churchfields Soundwaves project

Pupils from Churchfield School have been interviewing attendees at the Youth Summit Conference describing their experience as “fun, exciting and amazing”. The pupils found interviewing the MPs a particularly special experience making them feel “like officials” as they questioned their understanding of the environment. The group learnt a lot from their experience finding it interesting to see different people’s understanding on the word ‘environment’. “I got to learn that different people understand things differently”.
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In the end...

Soo.. only the last session left then the day is done. Its gone kinda quick and has been really intense, but Ive enjoyed it loads! Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of the outcome of the event be put into practice.
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This was a great event.. for the first time i ended up listening to all the speeches.. it was fun all in all.. whether it was working hard to produce a newsletter and collect information or panicing about giving a speech..or even just asking people some questions at 9 in the morning.. it was a new experience.. and thanks to NYA i get to be a part of it.. Until next timee Nuff luvv Xx
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Darshana's Spiritual Area

Dear Darshana, There is someone I know. Just think of the person as a big bully. The person was one of my best friends and now she has just changed. I need you to help me. I feel like there is no one but you that I could relate to. Please help me understand what is going on I need your help. My advice Talk to her and tell her how you feel and if that does not work start to take things seriously and talk to either your parents or tell your teacher and finally if that does'nt work tell the head or deputy head. And see what happens. Todays Spiritaul thought
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