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This was a great event.. for the first time i ended up listening to all the speeches.. it was fun all in all.. whether it was working hard to produce a newsletter and collect information or panicing about giving a speech..or even just asking people some questions at 9 in the morning.. it was a new experience.. and thanks to NYA i get to be a part of it.. Until next timee Nuff luvv Xx
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Darshana's Spiritual Area

Dear Darshana, There is someone I know. Just think of the person as a big bully. The person was one of my best friends and now she has just changed. I need you to help me. I feel like there is no one but you that I could relate to. Please help me understand what is going on I need your help. My advice Talk to her and tell her how you feel and if that does not work start to take things seriously and talk to either your parents or tell your teacher and finally if that does'nt work tell the head or deputy head. And see what happens. Todays Spiritaul thought
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A Fun Time

My FInal Blog For Today I've Had A Really Good Time For The LaST 2 Days , Meetin new people and having such a GOOD Time, i've built new relationships with people whom i have never met, it has been an experience, talkking to adults who share a passion for volunteering and helping others just as much as i do... i am happy that u have had the opportunity to take part in such an event.../. I can say that it is seriously excel lent and that it has been an occassion which i can never forget Lotsa Love ♥ Therryi ♥ Over And Out
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Rights Now - young people getting a better deal?

Right now the UK Government is reporting to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on its progress for children and young people's rights. Children and young people have basic rights that are protected by most of the governments across the world so that children and young people living in that country can get a better deal. At the Youth Summit we have been asking people: "If you were on the committee on the rights of the child and had the power to tell the government off, what would be your top issues?" These were some of the answers:
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Ramblings of a Conference Bod

I work at NSA Making conferences everyday The Youth Summit was the best By far and away Young People and policy-makers Coming together like policy bakers We've moved from words to action Hopefully there will be some takers So have we all understood What it means to wear a hood? And is the PM listening Like a good politician should? We've heard so much inspiration Young People from across the nation I'm sure it won't end When they get to the train station
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Roving Reporters - Newsletter

The Roving Reporters were up till late last night creating an overnight newsletter to give a picture of the whole event. Get your copy here (PDF).
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The gala dinner from rogers view

Roger Sainsbury told us his throughts on says it was great to hear Tom's farewell speech although i could question a couple. He says i enjoed the food, conversations with principle youth officers and others and it was great to hear wat is happeneing.
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The Speech... (feedback from day 1....)

Well, the hard part is now over.. not the greatest thing having to wake up to give a speech infront of a 150 odd people. Actually, to be honest it wasn't as bad as we anticipated as things worked out okay in the end. It was a mixture between excitement and nerves. Oh well.. all over now so the rest of the day to look forward to. You can see the slides from our feedback this morning below:
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breakfast & bruises

second day. too early and pulling the suicase down the stairs was bound to end badly. we arrived just on time and sat down to listen to the first and second speeches. health & education. i found these too long but some of the points raised were important and useful, needing to be taken into consideration for the future. in particular, the way we interact with adults and vice versa about drugs, sex and alcohol abuse .. however!! from the gala dinner last night, someone said we shouldn't be called 'young people' because it separates us into an alien race and this isn't right.
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Youth Board? Yes. Minister? No

Discussions about the merits of a Youth Board have continued today since Tom Wylie's suggestion in favour of the creation of one in his keynote speech earlier... In this video Dai Hudd from Prospect suggests that a board might be a good idea - but having it chaired by a Minister could cause problems...
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