Ramblings of a Conference Bod

I work at NSA
Making conferences everyday
The Youth Summit was the best
By far and away

Young People and policy-makers
Coming together like policy bakers
We've moved from words to action
Hopefully there will be some takers

So have we all understood
What it means to wear a hood?
And is the PM listening
Like a good politician should?

We've heard so much inspiration
Young People from across the nation
I'm sure it won't end
When they get to the train station

Many thanks to everyone involved. The NYA are doing a great job in continuiing to push policy for young people up the agenda. Thanks to Tim and the media crew for a wicked site and giving the Summit something different. I hope our organisation was good and we've looked after you well.
We look forward to seeing you all again,

Barney (age 28 and 1/2)

Added by Barney at 06/26/2007 - 11:13