Expectations of the day

The first questions of the day! The reporters have been out asking young people who are involved in the conference and delegates who are arriving what their expectations of the conference are and what they are hoping to achieve.


What are your expectations of today? What are you hoping to achieve?

10am Monday


Young People: 

  • I expect a high standard.  I want to let adults know about how we do things differently to other people.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s presentations.
  • I want to use this opportunity to reach the right people to improve facilities to children and young people and to get better opportunities



  • I’m hoping to get an insight as to where the 10 year strategy might take us.
  • To get an insight into how the current political changes may affect youth work and the roots into policy agendas for young people.
  • To see what NYA’s done and achieved and how they’re going to build on this for the future.
  • Find out how talk’s going to change into actual action.
  • I want to see vigorous debate across a range of issues and the structures affecting children and young people.
  • On a wider scale to find out what’s happening for children and young people on a policy and participation level and to know what support services are out there for young volunteers.
  • I want to learn a lot from young people – it’s very important to listen to learn about what they need.
  • I want a genuine dialogue between young people and service providers on policy for young people.
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