Day 2 workshops - Enjoying and Achieving - priorities for action

What are the key priorities for action?:

Gender equality
Equality of financial support
Time to dip in and out of learning
Focus on qualifications detracts from personal support
Consultation not taking place
Not knowing what’s available locally
Importance of fun in learning
Enjoying and achieving? Young people value “soft outcomes”

Policy (national and local):

National framework to avoid ‘postcode lottery’
Recognition of learning taking place in informal and non-formal settings.
Overall strategy o link up and take ownership of young people’s issues
Regional strategies to bring people and organisations together


Human touch
Less pressure
Young people being heard
Opportunities to try learning options before committing
Better partnerships with a focus on organisations who offer support to young people – bring in schools.
Allowing young people and schools to take risks – empowered to explore learning and support


Longer term
With foresight and forethought
Better investment especially for learning outside school
Recognition of achievement – not just qualifications
Involve young people in spending priorities / decisions.


Recorded outcomes
National framework
“Learning outcomes”
Explaining what informal and non-formal settings can do

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