Day 2 notes Economic Wellbeing Workshop - priorities for action

What are the key priorities for action?:

Informal into formal education.
Barriers between young people and adult.
Media representation.

Policy (national and local):

A national set of enforceable standards re. service entitlement including transport and advice services.
Local authority to have youth transport fund.
Engage with Transport Bill.
Where does economic wellbeing fit into a needs led system?
Media to be approached locally – more chance to influence.
Language of media.
Youth Board – fed by young people.
Information for community and school workers


Better aligning of young people’s needs/wants with further education and the policy of local skills council and schools.
Minibus licenses and training of youth workers in order to pickup young people.
Sharing minibuses by several youth clubs.
Differentiate buses for young people (e.g. the Welly Bus in Wellingborough).
Need for informal legislation into formal.
Events for all ages.
Use of local buildings for young and old.
Showcasing positive images and skills.
Bringing in business/employers to raise aspirations.


£1 a day service (e.g. Corby)
Discount scheme (Northants) proposed but didn’t work as although they liked the plan it was too expensive. Adrian Bell / countywide youth forum – .
Youth Board
Investment to offer opportunities for young people to access information.
Local costs for campaigning.
Make opportunities a reality – huge cost to enable choice and raising aspirations.


Free travel (issue of oyster cards) nationally for under 18s.
Easily accessible youthbanks for advice for young people.
Free calls for advice line.
UKYP to keep on the agenda.
Keep meeting with transport companies.
Get someone high profile to support a new service for young people (e.g. Richard Branson).
NYA – statistics needed on young people.
National Youth Board – response agency? Instant response to negative media exposure.
Local youth forums for some.
Think outside the box to give imaginative stories. Personal stories.
Give different perspectives.

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